Machine Data Merged with Web-Scale. #Splunk #Nutanix #MISABC2014

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Splunk Enterprise scales to collect and index tens of terabytes of data per day. And because the insights from your data are mission-critical, Splunk software’s index replication technology provides the availability you need, even as you scale out your low-cost, distributed computing environment. Automatic load balancing optimizes workloads and response times and provides built-in failover support. Out-of-the-box reporting and analytics capabilities deliver rapid insights from your data.

Splunk DB Connect delivers reliable, scalable, real-time integration between Splunk and traditional relational databases. Splunk Hadoop Connect provides bi-directional integration to easily and reliably move data between Splunk Enterprise and Hadoop.

Learn why you should virtualize Splunk and how Nutanix and Splunk combine web-scale approaches with the likes of map-reduce to deliver insights and value from your infrastructure.

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