Hypervisor Agnostic Backuup -> Hyper-V -> ESXi -> AWS

Backup Everything

Cloud Connect is going GA with the release of NOS 4.1 and I did notice the new Backup checkbox when setting up Remote Sites. I just assumed it was for setting up the remote site in AWS. While it is needed for AWS it also allows you take one Nutanix Cluster running any hypervisor like Hyper-V and backup it up to another Nutanix Cluster running any Hypervisor like vSphere ESXi.

Hypervisor Agonistic

If I was to read the documentation I would have found this:

Backup: Check the box to enable backup (only) to this site. Backup allows the remote site to be used as a backup (replication) target. This means data can be backed up to this site and snapshots can be retrieved from the site to restore locally, but failover protection (that is, running failover VMs directly from the remote site) is not enabled.

Note: Remote sites can be in the same data center or in another facility, remote sites are just different physical clusters.

I can see this being is used a lot for ROBOs where Hyper-V is being used to cut costs on licensing. Customers then can use Prism Central for viewing of all their remote sites and data center clusters. All of the feel good features still work, compression and deduplication and you can mix and match model to get the best price\performance\capacity that works for you.

Nutanix is the only hyper-converged vendor that offers this flexibility and choice today.


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