VMware Horizon View 6 + Nutanix: Full Clones? No Problem!

View Composer was original designed to save capacity for Horizon View and then later was used to fix the IOPS issues for VDI. Nutanix can quickly provision machines without the need of View Composer and provide performance with it’s global flash pool and smart metadata.

Any Horizon View Admin at some point has probably had to deal with a View Composer issue at some point(same is probably true for MCS). Maybe the database gets out of sync with vCenter, the View Composer credentials gets unknowing changed or someone deletes\moves the computer account of your golden images. Using Nutanix VMCaliber Clones 400 Full Clone desktops can be created in 49 Min! Only 4 more minutes than using View Composer with VCAI

The machines clones in 8 – 12 seconds per desktop but the image being sysprep vs quick prep which View Composer provides is where the difference in time is accounted for.

Test Results – 8 node cluster – 2 * 3460

Sysprep causes ~20% increase in IOPS vs Quick Prep. The reads will be mostly served from cache so it’s not a big deal. Also most people that use full clones use them as persistent desktops and combine inline dedupe so they can leverage existing application deployment tools instead of having separate ways to deal with both physical and virtual desktops.

Keep it Simple Stupid!


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