Why #Webscale Reason #1: The swipe card effect #Nutanix

Web-scale IT is making its way into the mainstream enterprise datacenter. In support of a joint event that Nutanix is supporting I will give my reasons why web scale is becoming common place.

Reason 1:

swipeClients\customers leave to public service providers when their needs aren’t be meet fast enough. Enterprise IT has lots of complexity and silos arounds networking, storage and compute which results in unpredictability with scaling out current environments. Do you have enough throughput available to add your next storage array? Do I have ports left on my fiber channel switch to add my next server? At the end of the day the business doesn’t care how this achieved. Adding storage or compute should be a non-event. It’s all about delivering services. Shrink or grow, 1 node, or 20 nodes it needs to happen at the pace of business.

On June 25th, Nutanix is celebrating web-scale IT with Web-Scale Wednesday, a live online event that will bring together IT leaders, industry experts and enterprise customers to share their perspectives and experiences adopting web-scale IT and bringing it to the enterprise. Speakers from Twitter, DataStax, Dell, Citrix and more across the industry. Join us

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