What Would Tony Do? vSwitch0 on Nutanix

Tony Holland – Nutanix Sr SE with a common sense approach to infrastructure.

Q: What are the default vSwitch0 settings for a new install of What physical adapters are included in vSwitch0? Also, what is the default teaming policy?

All NICS are part of vSwitch0

Default teaming is the 2 10GbE’s are active and 2 1Gb’s are standby. I use the 1 Gb’s for setup and then after simply unplug them.

I always create a new Port Group under vSwitch0 called Nutanix.

I then will change the NIC teaming to have VMnic0 be active and all the others standby, and for VM Network port group move VMNIC1 to active and the others standby. Has worked well for me doing this setup.


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