VMware Horizon View 6: Cloud Pods & Windows 2012R2

Only getting accepted into the beta the evening before the NDA was lifted it’s not like I had a lot of time to see and test everything. RDSH support is getting all of the hoopula but for me I had two bucket list items that finally saw the light of day.

The big one for me for was Horizon View Cloud Pod. I’ve been waiting a long time to see this come out because it was a problem I self inflected my former employer with in 2009. I still see lots of people wanting to stretch their View Connection Servers across sites which is a no no due to the java messaging service that needs less than 4 ms to maintain good behavior. Now you can have 4 pods, across two sites, servicing 20,000 users.

Cloud Pod

Cloud Pod

The first glimpse of this came two VMworlds ago, Demystifying Large Scale Enterprise View Architecture: Illustrated with Lighthouse Case Studies with John Dodge. Active\Active DR made easy. F5 and NetScalar still have a place to play but I am not sure yet.

You can assign a sites to your pods and users can have a home site. A home site is the affinity between a user and a Cloud Pod Architecture site. Home sites ensure that users always receive desktops from a particular datacenter, even when they are traveling. If a home site is not setup the Cloud
Pod Architecture feature delivers the nearest available desktop in the pod federation. If all of the desktops in the local datacenter are in use, the Cloud Pod Architecture feature selects a desktop from the other datacenter.

The 2nd great thing is support for Active Directory Domain Services domain functional levels for 2012\2012R2. You can finally install the connection server on 2012\2012R2.

Great day for VMware View shops

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