#Nutanix 1 TB HDD Rebuild in 3 min – Video

Below shows the impact of drive rebuild when the cluster is under no load. I used the Xangati dashboard to track internode communication. Nutanix does have QofS over drive rebuilds. Important thing is that HDD’s rebuild to other HDD’s and don’t impact performance by flooding the flash tier. This data is considered cold so it shouldn’t impact the write path.

A Nutanix cluster is limited roughly 40 MB/s per node for rebuilding HDD’s. Nutanix can achieve linear rebuild times because the data is evenly spread-out through the cluster.More info here.

* The HHD being rebuilt is 1 TB. It had 24 GB of data sitting on it.
* The HDD was removed using the UI
* The 3 min time is for the rebuild. NOS will preform another map-reduce job before to verify everything is rebuilt before releasing the drive. The secondary map-reduce job is considered low priority because the data in this case still exists.
* To add the HDD back into the cluster you have to edit-zeus to remove the tombstone record as this isn’t considered a normal procedure.

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