NOS 3.5.1: PAM Cards For The Cost of Stick of RAM

General Availability of the NOS 3.5.1 went live today. Lots of great features but my favorite is having the power of software and a stick of RAM to give a PAM card in your back pocket to be used at will. We always had the option but you had to mess around with advanced settings. Today as you add more RAM to a our virtualized storage controller, the extent(read) cache will grow automatically. Keep it mind this cache lives directly beside the virtual workloads and not across the network. Write performance also received a boost with code release as well.

NOS 3.5 includes the following new features.

• HTML5 administration interface that replaces the previous Flex interface
• Active Directory/LDAP authentication
• Public REST API
• User-manageable SSH keys and Controller VM lock down
• SNMPv3 support and Nutanix MIB
• Deduplication of guest VM data on the premium tiers (RAM/Flash)
• Optimization of linked clones aka Shadow Clones
• Container and vDisk space reservations
• Compression of remote replication network traffic
• Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) for VMware Site Recovery Manager
• General availability of KVM
• Technology preview of Hyper-V
• Automated metadata self healing
• Auto-Teiring between high performance and capacity drives is working in 4 MB chunks, if its flash, the data is HOT.

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