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Boom! Activate our DR plan, We have a DR plan right? right guys? – @Nutanix Replication

I did a quick video for use for the Edmonton vForum. My session is really around being a service provider for your customers whom every they’re and protecting and responding to their business needs. Please take a look at s technical level how Nutanix replication works. Please leave any questions in the comments and I will respond ASAP.


Why to Virtualize Hadoop?

Shortly after coming to Nutanix I wrote an article on virtualizing Hadoop, one of the points of the articles was:

One of the bottleneck necks with virtualizing Hadoop is it’s distributed nature. Traditional SANs usually don’t scale as servers are added, usually two storage controllers are to be shared by all the servers. This model is not conducive for a Terasort benchmark. Nutanix virtualizes the storage controller so as you add servers the controllers don’t become the bottleneck.

Because of the above point I believe Nutanix makes virtualization a reality for Hadoop and this also why any “Grey Beards” of the world are going to cringe when they hear SAN and Hadoop in the same sentence. So using that as a back ground where a few points why virtualizing hadoop can save time and money.
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Integrated Analytic Dashboard for the Datacenter – Nutanix Prism UI

Nutanix Prism UI gives the ability to correlate events & alerts with metrics is easy to use way. It also provides extensibility with OpenStack & cloud management solutions with the REST API explorer. Check out the video.

Guess in the comments where the hidden video game is located and a random winner will get a $50 gift card,


iMessage for Nutanix Cluster

iPhone-like consolidation combining Hypervisor, Compute, Storage and Analytic software in a small form factor is what Nutanix is bringing to the masses. If you want to be called the iPhone of the data center you should be able to get messages from it!

To get Cluster Alerts directly to your iPhone:

Register for a Prowl account
Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 9.34.33 PM
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