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EUC TIP 87: USB Redirection Bad, Real-Time Audio-Video for View 5.2 Gooooood

real2Horizon View Feature Pack 2 offers a Real-Time Audio Feature that redirects video and audio data to the desktop with a significantly lower bandwidth than can be achieved by using USB redirection. Real-Time Audio-Video is compatible with standard conferencing applications and supports standard webcams, audio USB devices, and analog audio input. This is only available on the soft client today.

To use Real-Time Audio-Video you can’t select the devices from the Connect USB Device. If selected the device can stop working all together which is probably the best thing that can happen because at least you don’t have to put someone through a crummy call. Worst case the call or video is messed up just enough so you spend the next 30 minutes trying to figure out what the other person is saying. real1

To hide these devices from end users and prevent potential disruptions, you can configure USB redirection group policy settings to disable the display of webcams and audio input devices in
VMware Horizon View Client. The easiest way to use the View Client Configuration ADM from the Connection Server install. There is an Allow Audio Input Devices and Allow Video Devices which you could set to false. If you need more control you will be forced to get into the weeds with vendor and product ID’s which will be a giant time sink.


EUC Road Show Continues + VDI Tip: Nutanix Game Planning

Location: Baltimore, MD (VMware speaker: Paul Schlosser)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Date: July 23, 2013, 11am to 1pm

Partner: Accelera Solutions

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Location: Chicago, IL (VMware speakers: Jim Yanik and Chris Schaffer)

Event Date:
July 23, 2013; 11:30am to 2pm

Sigma Solution

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VDI Tip:
You can change frame rate up to 25 fps, the default is 15.
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Give 30+ hours back to Ops with Nutanix this Thursday

Come Learn about the latest in VMware Horizon Suite and how Nutanix drastically reduces the complexity to deploy, manage and scale.

Ever hear about throw away cache in Horizon View 5.2? If your answer is no, don’t worry Nutanix has you covered. Learn about the above and how Nutanix saves you over 30 hours when you scale your environment.

The first ever Canadian VMware SE, Michael Burnett will also be their fielding questions in the Nutanix Pin Stripes.

Don’t miss out!

Location: Toronto Canada (VMware speaker: Mike Barnett)
Event Date: July 18, 2013; 11:30am to 2:30pm

Partner: Commerx Computer Systems

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VMware EUC and Nutanix, Supporting the Mission

supportthemissionThis Wednesday, July 10th, 2014 Nutanix is supporting the mission with VMware and CDW.

In Phoenix, Bernard Cyplik will be at VMUG showcasing his server and VDI skills.

VMware EUC Tech note:

Manage View Administrators
By default, the Domain Admins group is a member of the local Administrators group. If you specified the View Administrators account as the local Administrators group, and you do not want domain administrators to have full access to inventory objects and View configuration settings, you must remove the Domain Admins group from the local Administrators group.


Horizon View Security Server + RSA + PIN = Too Much

cloud-network-security-290x230-iSTOCKNutanix & VMware EUC are doing series of events across North America over the next two weeks. My plan is have a steady stream of posts over the two weeks…..we’ll see 🙂

I had a customer ask me about removing the domain authentication for clients coming over the Internet. The reason for this because they where using RSA with a PIN and didn’t want three steps for their staff to get right before logging in. RSA + PIN provides something you have and something you know so we should be covered is the thinking.

VMware provides Log in as current user but the client machine must be able to communicate with the corporate Active Directory server and not use cached credentials for authentication. For example, if users log in to their client machines from outside the corporate network, cached credentials are used for authentication. If the user then attempts to connect to a security server or a View Connection Server instance without first establishing a VPN connection, the user is prompted for credentials, and the Log in as Current User feature does not work.
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Under the Covers of a Distributed Virtual Computing Platform – Part 4: Stargate, The Point Man

Part 1 was the overview of the magic of the Nutanix Distributed File System(NDFS).
Part 2 was an overview of Zookeeper in regards maintaining configuration across a distributed cluster built for virtual workloads.
Part 3 is the reason why Nutanix can scale to infinity, a distributed metadata layer make up of Medusa and Apache Cassandra.

Part 4: Stargate is the main point of contact for the Nutanix cluster. All read and write requests are sent to the Stargate for processing. Stargate checksums data before writing it and verifies it upon reading. Data integrity is number 1.

Nuntaix Distrubuted File System
Stargate depends on Medusa to gather metadata and Zeus to gather cluster configuration data.

Stargate has 6 components that make service:
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