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Unchain My VM, And Set Me Free!(Snapshots)

Cormac Hogan wrote a good article, VAAI-NAS – Some snapshot chains are deeper than others. The blog post highlights some of the differences between vendors and the impact of their decisions.

Nutanix doesn’t have a max chain depth. If you want to take 50,000 snaps, go knock yourself out. Nutanix performs a background copy block map operation after a snapshot is created, which effectively nullifies the effect of having a snapshot chain. This makes the inherited metadata available in the child’s metadata space itself, instead of having to traverse the snapshot chain upwards to find it. So there’s no overhead of doing IO on a child whether it is at level 5 or level 50,000.
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New View Composer Behavior in View 5.2

It wasn’t till going over some docs and re-reading Horizon View Multi-VLAN Explained that it dawned on me that View Composer no longer overwrites a desktop’s network label on refresh and recompose. If the network label(port group) was set to automatic or even if you change the network label after the desktop is provisioned it should keep the last known state.

The above behavior is true along as you don’t switch the desktops label to a distributed vSwitch to a regular vSwitch or vice versa.

Something to keep in mind when doing maintenance.