EUC Tip 86: Blackout period for SESparse Disk

Space Efficient Sparse (SESparse)can now reclaim spaces from the linked clone pools and provides efficient usage of available disk space. The feature requires vSphere 5.1 as well as Hardware version 9. This feature only works with OS base disk.
The space reclamation process is kicked off automatically by View when the reclaimable space is above the threshold.

Since this process can be I/O-intensive, It’s a good plan to use the blackout periods appropriately to avoid affecting user experience.

Also, depending upon the underlying storage, administrators can tune the concurrency level in LDAP (under OU=Properties, OU=Virtual Center) and edit the pae-SeSparseOperationsLimit for the desired vCenter. On Nutanix you can change this setting higher as your cluster grows to accommodate all of the VM’s. Since we have scale out virtualized storage controller we can help to reclaim all of the space during your down time in a quick efficient manner.

By default the reclaim process runs every hour.


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