Why Veeam and Nutanix? Fast, Low Impact, Results

* Nutanix is able to sense traffic patterns and can prevent flooding the high performance tier with replication

* Both offer top class Time to Value. With Nutanix’s ability to go from shrink wrapped to production in 1 hr or less paired with easy to setup replication from Veeam. Remote sites can be easily sprung up. Set and forget.

* IT teams don’t have double the time to setup DR facilities. Veeam gives the ability to provide replication from legacy storage arrays to the Nutanix Complete Cluster

* Veeam with use of Backup Proxies can distribute replication jobs on a Nutanix cluster so continues replication can be achieved with lowest impact to a running workload. See this thread for possible bad outcomes otherwise -> http://forums.veeam.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10764 (Vendor does have VAAI now, but the risk remains)

* Nutanix can offer the greatest about of capacity and performance for Veeam Instant Recovery. DR volumes on Nutanix can be set to receive more IOPS for ensuring recovery.

* Nutanix can offer global compression across to cut storage costs.

* Nutanix’s distributed flash allows recent changes to stored in flash for fast backup.


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