Busting Down The Doors of Private Cloud

“By 2017, the major public cloud compute architectures will be common architectures in enterprises.”

“The greatest transformation from the cloud will come from true scale-out application architectures.”

Gartner Data Center Conference, Keynote: Rethink Infrastructure and Operations to Dramatically Reduce Costs, Raymond Paquet, December 2012.

Nutanix is helping to bring Private Cloud to the Enterprise by embracing the Software Defined Data Center(SDDC) story. The engineers of Nutanix, which consist of people from Google, Aster Data, Facebook, Oracle, Yahoo(should be enough name dropping) have helped to bring all the intelligence out of big iron hardware and into software so it can be quickly scaled up and out. In essence they have flattened the data center, combining storage and compute in one easy nice pill to sallow. The pill happens to be in dense block form factor but the magic is in the software.

The magic allows for:

    * Highly scalable compute and storage resources
    * Able to scale up and down, scale up is the hardest problem to solve and scale down allows you to shift physical resources with two commands
    * It just works. No drivers needed in VM’s to enjoy our “Hot Cache”. Hot cache is vMotion friendly, no re-hydration needed.
    * Giant Data store with no VM limits. This is the Cloud slayer! Adding compute and storage and not having to go into the application stack to configure anything. Application folks can quickly get resources added for their projects. Being quick on the draw stops folks from pulling out their credit cards for Amazon.
    * Just like the best Public Clouds, you pay as you grow. Start small, new projects comes online just add another node. Boom, Done.
    * Multi-hypervisor support
    * The intelligence of the systems lives beside the VM’s. Able to add extra cache with a click of the mouse.
    * When new features are added, all platforms get to enjoy it since there is no dependence on hardware


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