Scale Out File Server for Mirage – Windows 2012 w/Dedupe

mirage-CIFS-1 In my previous post I had talked about how to setup caching on Nutanix. Here we are creating two 1 TB drives to our Windows 2012 VM that will reside on our NFS volume that that has compression enabled. We use two different scsi controller for performance. More disks, more threads, better performance. Keep in mind that Mirage will only support 1500 connections per Mirage Server so there is much point throwing all your storage on one Mirage Server – Scale it Out with DFS.
mirage-CIFS-2 We want to create a storage pool within Windows 2012 will all of our available 1 TB disks
mirage-CIFS-3 Just have to select the disks
mirage-CIFS-4 We now create a vDisk with all the space from the Storage Pool. The terms are very similar to Nutanix.
mirage-CIFS-5 Simple layout will work the best as NFS Volume is set by default to RF(replication factor = 2) Nutanix doesn’t use RAID. RAID is from 1987! Not meant to handle the rebuild times of modern drives.
mirage-CIFS-6 I would set the size to the max amount of the storage pool. Nutanix is already doing thin provisioning so it best to do that only is one spot. You can always increase the size of the drives on the fly to 2TB or add more drives to the storage pool.
mirage-CIFS-7 I had previously added duplication from the Add/Remove Features prior to creating the the share for Mirage enviroment. When dedupe is added prior too, this nice wizard is provided. By default Windows will be pretty conservative when deduping. Set the appropriate schedule for your enviroment to kick it into high gear. If you were pointing to a backup target you would want to set the schedule to run during the day, an example would be if you wanted to run Window 2012 dedupe instead of Veeam‘s
mirage-CIFS-8 If you select advanced to create the share it will give the option to setup the proper security permission so people only see the files they have access to(access-based enumeration)
mirage-CIFS-9 Select the drive.
mirage-CIFS-11 You’re ready to go.
mirage-CIFS-12-add-volume Add the new share to Mirage
Know you have file share that’s compressed and deduped.

My Next blog post with Mirage I want to tackle disk encryption and how it works on the back-end storage.
* Bit Locker
* Full disk encryption
* Mitigation strategies when encryption is being used.


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