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Why Veeam and Nutanix? Fast, Low Impact, Results

* Nutanix is able to sense traffic patterns and can prevent flooding the high performance tier with replication

* Both offer top class Time to Value. With Nutanix’s ability to go from shrink wrapped to production in 1 hr or less paired with easy to setup replication from Veeam. Remote sites can be easily sprung up. Set and forget.

* IT teams don’t have double the time to setup DR facilities. Veeam gives the ability to provide replication from legacy storage arrays to the Nutanix Complete Cluster
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VMworld 2013: 3rd time is the Charm?

PickMeI have presented at BriForum from 2011 – 2012, vForums and various VMUGS but never at VMworld. I had a pretty lack lustred effort this year on my submission to BriForum and it showed. I was also betting on two other vendors for my APEX + GPU + View 5.2 to become a reality at BriForum so I am not surprised nor mad.

I’ve made serious efforts with VMworld sessions in the past with out much luck. I am very hopeful this year though. My session this year – 5060 Benchmarking the Horizon Workspace Appliance with Performance and Scalability – is pretty cool. The session is a chance to showcase new a approach to load testing the Horizon Workspace. I hope I get the chance to co-present with Manrat Chobchuen from VMware.

If doesn’t happen it will be great for my local VMUG!

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Busting Down The Doors of Private Cloud

“By 2017, the major public cloud compute architectures will be common architectures in enterprises.”

“The greatest transformation from the cloud will come from true scale-out application architectures.”

Gartner Data Center Conference, Keynote: Rethink Infrastructure and Operations to Dramatically Reduce Costs, Raymond Paquet, December 2012.

Nutanix is helping to bring Private Cloud to the Enterprise by embracing the Software Defined Data Center(SDDC) story. The engineers of Nutanix, which consist of people from Google, Aster Data, Facebook, Oracle, Yahoo(should be enough name dropping) have helped to bring all the intelligence out of big iron hardware and into software so it can be quickly scaled up and out. In essence they have flattened the data center, combining storage and compute in one easy nice pill to sallow. The pill happens to be in dense block form factor but the magic is in the software.
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@brianmadden Discusses Service Continuity with Lane Leverett(@wolfbrthr) from @Nutanix – DR

* DR is holistic for VDI and the rest of your data center


Brian Madden Discusses Strategies for Scaling VDI Infrastructure with @langonej

* Predictable scalability
* Largest Customers today all started with one block
* One node at a time
* Server and Desktop Virtualization are not the same


Horizon Mirage Keeps Sysadmins Sane When Securing Mobile Endpoints

While I wish VDI was the silver bullet for all desktops in the Enterprise, VDI can’t fit every use case. VMware Horizon Mirage can help address the use cases that don’t fit the bill, whether that’s the corporate exec in and out of airplanes, heavy intense graphics based machines in remote area or in Oil refinery with many serial based peripherals. Unfortunately not every place of the world was blessed with a persistent Internet connection, so Mirage to the rescue?

Mirage can provide centralization, management and recovery of desktops is a pretty clean fashion. Using recovering points & imaging technology, Mirage can provide recovery with optimal traffic network optimization considering the task of what it is performing. The founders of Mirage actually help to form the base of Cisco’s Wide Area Application so you can get some idea of how that helps the overall product. Knowing that Mirage can help with file recovery, OS migrations and even hardware migration makes it a pretty intriguing product. The one short fall with all physical devices left in the wild is security. One of VDI strengths is that if keeps data off the endpoint . If VDI is not a option you are left to take a different course of action. Usually implementing BitLocker, Windows Encrypted File System (EFS) or some form of full disk encryption (FDE) would wreck havoc on product like this. My goal is see what limitations Mirage would have working when security was being imposed.

If you want more than daily snapshots you will have to change the default settings.

If you want more than daily snapshots you will have to change the default settings.

The first thing to do for my testing purposes and if you have a CEO\VP working on critical documents, is to change the default system configuration settings. If you don’t, you only get to fall back to the last daily snapshot. From looking at the file structure of Mirage if you were to do a “sync now” from the client it would keep a snapshot of the sync but the rules listed to the right would rules the roost so to speak. If you had more snapshots then the rules allowed saved they would be deleted. From the image it’s also a good opportunity to change the default location for your CIFS\SMB share.
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Scale Out File Server for Mirage – Windows 2012 w/Dedupe

mirage-CIFS-1 In my previous post I had talked about how to setup caching on Nutanix. Here we are creating two 1 TB drives to our Windows 2012 VM that will reside on our NFS volume that that has compression enabled. We use two different scsi controller for performance. More disks, more threads, better performance. Keep in mind that Mirage will only support 1500 connections per Mirage Server so there is much point throwing all your storage on one Mirage Server – Scale it Out with DFS. [Read more…]

Nutanix RA VMware Horizon Suite Overview – 5000 connections & 400 Desktops

In a 2U Block 5000 Horizon Data Connections & 400 desktops

I normally don’t brag but it’s a known secret is I told Steve Poitras to use black marker, you’re welcome.


How to deliver GPU-like experience remotely with a Teradici APEX 2800 Card

I had the opportunity to watch a webcast on the Teradici APEX 2800 card I wanted to share the import bits.

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Nutanix in 2 Mintues

Other Game Changing Features:

  • Giant Datastore for Virtual Machines – 2, 2,2000, 2,000,000 doesn’t matter
  • Replication has no limit to the number of remote sites
  • Data center in a Box\Time to Value –