Horizon View: PCoIP Transport Header

There isn’t a good way to sex up this title! New Horizon View 5.2 documenation finally calls out a GPO setting that was there since 5.1, Configure the PCoIP transport header. It will be intresting to see what vendors will come out with features to take advantage of the this new header. My money is on Riverbed and F5, I guess we wait and see.

From the Administration Guide:
The PCoIP transport header is a 32-bit header that is added to all PCoIP UDP packets (only if the transport header is enabled and supported by both sides). The PCoIP transport header allows network devices to make
better prioritization/QoS decisions when dealing with network congestion. The transport header is enabled by default.

The transport session priority determines the PCoIP session priority reported in the PCoIP transport header. Network devices make better prioritization/QoS decisions based on the specified transport session

When the Configure the PCoIP transport header setting is enabled, the following transport session priorities are available:
Medium (default value)

The transport session priority value is negotiated by the PCoIP agent and client. If the PCoIP agent specifies a transport session priority value, the session uses the agent-specified session priority. If only the client has
specified a transport session priority, the session uses the client-specified session priority. If neither agent nor client has specified a transport session priority, or Undefined Priority is specified, the session uses the default value, Medium priority.

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