Zero to Big Data in 15 Minutes – Journey to Hadoop

I recently downloaded the Hortonworks Sandbox on my Mac Book Air. It was super simple and I really didn’t take any brain power to get going. In my quest to learn Hadoop the first couple tutorials in grain the basics and the terminology needed to proceed. The download contains a Virtual Machine configured with Apache Hadoop and all the material to get you going. It was great to see Pig, Hive, HCatalog and HBase in action.

The downside is that I actually want to learn how many mappers I need to configure and how many reducers I need. I think those types of questions may take a data scientist and I am not. From working at Nutanix and following some other Hadoop companies I would pick platforms the stay as close to the open source projects as much as possible. If you stray to far when new tools come out you won’t be seeing them anytime soon on your tool-belt. Hortonworks has figured this out.

If have a spare 15 minutes, clink the link below


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