Cloud Storage Will Be Embarrassingly Parallel

When I started to read up on the Intel Atom Processor S1260 my wheels just started to turn. The feature set of the Atom processor was pretty amazing for using so little power. The S1260 using a whopping 8.5 W, for comparison, the Intel Xeon Processor E5-2660 (Sandybridge) using 95W. The difference is vast if your company makes money by running a lot of servers. But Enterprises bread and butter are running applications and the servers are a necessary evil. For this reason I think the Atom processors will end up powering a lot of cloud Storage for long term storage. The IDC claims the digital world will grow to 35 zettabytes by 2020. There just isn’t anyway that most IT shops are going to be able to keep all of their data onsite. Cloud providers looking to squeeze every last penny out of their infrastructure should be looking at the Atom Processors.

Some of the other features of the Intel Atom Processor S1260

• Low power
• 64-bit processors
• Intel® Virtualization Technology support
• ECC memory
• Broad software compatibility
• Intel Turbo Boost Technology
• Intel Hyper-Threading Technology

The features above tells me that Software Defined Storage Players have a huge leg up on their competition. If your a regular reader of this blog you know I work for Nutanix. Nutanix being software defined plus being embarrassingly parallel could harness these small Atom processors today. While I am not setting company direction the future looks like it will have lots of options.

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