ProfileUnity Flexing the Muscle with FlexApp 5.5

ProfileUnity FlexApp version 5.5 looks really good. Some of my earlier annoyances with the product have been wiped cleaned. The product always did it’s job but the new UI will go along way it giving people the warm fuzzy feeling after they have spent the cash on the product.

Automatic setup of Microsoft Active Directory is now apart of the setup.


No More Playing Hide and Seek


Use to be that if you wanted to do troubleshooting you would generate a pdf of your working config and then have to drill down in all the different areas to find the setting to be changed. Now a number will apear telling how many settings are underneath the options. Well this is a small feature it really helps with using the product. The small things matter.

Poor Man’s App Store

I skipped on the User installed app feature of ProfileUnity because my company at the time and I would have thought most Enterprises would have never have signed off on this. Using filters you can lock down a file share to only allow users to install software from that one location. Put a shortcut on the desktop and you done. I guess the one thing would be how do go about updating the app but that’s story for another time πŸ™‚

FlexApp Department Installed Apps
The process looks easy to package up applications. It will be interesting to see what kind of load a Windows 2008 server will be able to talk dishing out VHD to a bunch of desktops. I would strongly recommend moving to Windows 2012 for SMB 3.0! While I think Unidesk’s method with independent vmdk’s might scale better, there is potential here for less space and Liquidware Labs plans to support Physical desktops so that is plus.
Once your package is ready, apply a filter and your users will have their application at next log on.

Data Migration
If your harvesting user profiles to bring them into your VDI enviroment, this huge plus so can actually tell that work has been done.

If your current ProfileUnity customer you should make the jump and upgrade. If your just getting started you decision has become a lot tougher.

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