Teradici Arch: Field of Dreams?

Being a View guy you spend a lot of time indirectly with Teradici. I think PCoIP is a first rate display protocol with or without View. Teradici as company was a hardware company first and only moved to software with the VMware View opportunity. Teradici success of putting their hardware genius into software has caused revenue to flow into the company. As VMware trys to further ramp up their EUC team, lots of money will still come in but Teradici seems they don’t want to be a one trick pony. With the release of Arch, Teradici seems to be making a play for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

There are few things that will be interesting as this new tool plays out. Will companies pay for a View license so they can run Microsoft RDS? Even if they can legally use the PCoIP software code without View, will companies pay the extra money instead of using RemoteFX?

The Tech is Awesome but I am not sure if you build it they will come. It will be interesting seeing this Tech Preview play out.

Teradici Arch Enables High Performance & Security in Microsoft RDS Environments

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