#EUC Tip 83: Send a Link, Not the Steps For A Succcesful View Client Setup

With VMware software client 5.2+ or Mac 1.6 + you know can configure all the settings for the client to launch to the right resources via webpage or email. VMware calls this feature uniform resource identifiers (URIs). URI’s provide some or all of the following information, so that your end users do not need to supply it:

  1. View Connection Server address
  2. Port number for View Connection Server
  3. Active Directory user name
  4. Domain name
  5. Desktop display name
  6. Window size
  7. Desktop actions including reset, log off, and roll back
  8. Display protocol

This is a great feature for the helpdesk. Users don’t have to fumble around, click the link and get to work.

An example of a link would be


Below is a link to the Guide to help setup the URI’s. They start on page 23.

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