Simplicity VS Frankensteinism

While Nutanix was launching NOS 3.0 and the new hardware line I was still thinking the 2.6.3 software release was pretty damm good. Of course 2.6.3 embodies what a great design should entail. Simple and easy to maintain. It does no one any good to build something that is so complicated that 3 months later after installation it is falling apart. Configuration drift and no one wanting to touch it from fear of breaking it are true problems on the operate side of the house.

The 2.6.3 release allows auto configuration based on workload. The only thing you need to change to the Controller VM is the amount of RAM. For VDI workloads Nutanix suggests using 12 GB of RAM. The read cache is automatically adjusted, the amount of data it will try to read ahead if it can sense a pattern of “access” will be adjusted. The 2.6.3 software can also send IO to different parts of the Tiering subsystem depending if its random write or sequential write\reads. I should point out that Server workloads benefit from this same sort of love.

There are a lot of options on the market today where you can bolt on 3rd party software to squeeze out speed of existing gear or ways to cut cost . Usually though these design options can be hard to maintain or make long term operation of the whole solution a nightmare.

While the below quote is regarding the 3.0 software, 2.6.3 lives on in there.

“The TCO of internal cloud creation, usage and maintenance is often larger than one initially expects. Nutanix helped us bring this down significantly and the NX-3000 series continues this trend of savings through better density, lower latency, and keeping the simplicity. For us, at scale, simplicity is key.” Drew Trieger (eBay)

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