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Dwayne’s New Year Resoultions

  1. Deploy Hadoop in a business meaningful way. Lots of talk in 2012 and reading but never got a chance to roll up my seleves that had any impact to others. Looking to create some value for one of my clients free of charge. If you think you have something we can tackle, lets talk.
  2. Compelte a 20Km race by June 30, 2013, Compelete a 40Km race by Nov 30, 2013
  3. Keep Saturdays’s Tech Free. Since I love working in my choosen field I have been known to neglect family and friends by not giving them proper attention. My mind wonders a lot to technology, I don’t think it’s bad because I love it but the reslut is don’t fully pay attention to alot of other things going around me.

Only three but I think it’s going to take work to keep on track.

Happy New Year


#EUC Tip 83: Send a Link, Not the Steps For A Succcesful View Client Setup

With VMware software client 5.2+ or Mac 1.6 + you know can configure all the settings for the client to launch to the right resources via webpage or email. VMware calls this feature uniform resource identifiers (URIs). URI’s provide some or all of the following information, so that your end users do not need to supply it:

  1. View Connection Server address
  2. Port number for View Connection Server
  3. Active Directory user name
  4. Domain name
  5. Desktop display name
  6. Window size
  7. Desktop actions including reset, log off, and roll back
  8. Display protocol

This is a great feature for the helpdesk. Users don’t have to fumble around, click the link and get to work.

An example of a link would be


Below is a link to the Guide to help setup the URI’s. They start on page 23.


Simplicity VS Frankensteinism

While Nutanix was launching NOS 3.0 and the new hardware line I was still thinking the 2.6.3 software release was pretty damm good. Of course 2.6.3 embodies what a great design should entail. Simple and easy to maintain. It does no one any good to build something that is so complicated that 3 months later after installation it is falling apart. Configuration drift and no one wanting to touch it from fear of breaking it are true problems on the operate side of the house.
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Nutanix Provides Native Replication & Aids 3rd Party Replication\DR

Today Nutanix publicly launched our new operating system version 3.0 and new hardware. While this a big release for us I want to focus on disaster recovery and more importantly how to get there without blowing the hinges off the bank. More information on NX-3000 Series Hardware and NOS 3.0 can be found here.

Having a disaster recovery plan for most people is like being healthy. You know you should be healthy but you can keep kicking it to the curb because it’s not easy, and both cost more money than the alternatives. We usually only start eating healthy after something bad has happened to us or a loved one. The same is true for IT departments; no one wants to pay for a duplicate datacenter due to cost, staffing and the additional complexity.
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