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Protected: Data Locality – SQL & VDI On The Same Cluster

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vVOLs – A Blast From The Past

I guess the first question is what is a vVOL? It’s not a rodent but it does involve pest control. The pest in this case are legacy vendors that tie policy to hardware instead of the work loads running on them. On twitter there was a post that found extremely funny,

Vols is a cancer-treating drug under clinical trial. Not for everyone.

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Good Password, No Beans

Looking thru some old KB’s and seeing if I missed anything crazy and ran across this one. I’ve have had it happen to me before in a earlier version of View.

Logging in to the View desktop with the new password after changing the old password reports the error: Unknown username or bad password (2035954)


Stargate: A Five Star Chef

I have previously have discussed Medusa and Curator as two of the components that allow the Nutanix Complete Cluster to scale before being hired at Nutanix. After a week and half of technical training I can see why I didn’t even attempt at trying to explain Stargate until now. In training the Stargate section took over two and half hours to nail now it’s inner workings.
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