Trick or Treat: The Urban Myth of the Monster VM

Today is the perfect time to bring up the urban myth of the Monster VM. Like the Sqautach and the Loch Ness Monster, the Monster VM is only seen in secluded areas. While apart of me believes that they all exist, it’s highly unlikely I will see any of them. Seeing one virtual machine consume a million IOPS seems so far off and very unlikely.

I would call VDI and cloud environments, “A Death By A Thousands Cuts”. The aggerate consumption of IOPS\bandwidth, CPU and RAM and the fluctuation of these varaiables is real scary part of building sustainable\scalable infrastructure. Having 300 VM’s one day and then 1,000 VM’s the next is the monster of today.

Buying traditional server-storage architecture commits you to a plan that does not allow the adaptability that is needed in todays market place.

“When plans meet the real world, it’s not the real world that will yield to your plan; you must adapt whatever you’re doing to the circumstances truly at hand” – Steven B. Levy

Battle the real monsters today, while giving your self the room to maneuver the next obstacle in your path.

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