Nimdesk: The Software Needed For The Rapid Desktop Program

Nimdesk is a new company selling both a virtual appliance and bundling a whole solution on it’s own hardware for virtual desktops. Nimdesk isn’t just providing the hardware to run VDI, it’s a whole solution. Nimdesk’s software does the brokering, desktop creation and gives your VM’s a high availability with it’s own clustering.

Ease of Use:
I believe it’s main strength is its ease of you. In the SMB space, SANs, vCenter and Active Directory can be barriers for a successful implementation. The virtual appliance runs on the free version of esxi as added plus. No vCenter is needed, Nimdesk has done all of the API work behind the scenes. The software will work if you are using a vCenter but you won’t see any commands in the task manager. Another huge benefit to SMB and the Enterprise is that you can use local accounts. No Active Directory to worry about or maintain. The headache is removed for small shops and the reason I like this for the Enterprise is for DaaS(Desktop As A Service). I see a future of using SAML to connect to the desktops with this solution, maybe the same way you would setup an account in Salesforce with Horizon from VMware.(Nimdesk did not talk about this last piece at all.)

Nimdesk Cluster:
For each server you want to add to your Nimdesk cluster you just run another virtual appliance on the node. The process was super easy to do and get going.

Pool creation:
No need taking snapshots here. Nimdesk’s software handles the importing and updating for your desktop pool. Once you have your golden desktop image imported you can create multiple pools from the image. If you need to make a change to the base image hit update and Nimdesk will create the VM for you to make your changes on. Shut the VM down and you can go about your business and deploy the new image to all of your pools is one fell swoop.

The only available protocol right now is RDP. When Microsoft adds RemoteFX for Windows 7, Nimdesk will follow suit. Since their market is LAN based this will be ok. I’ve spent years doing tasks with RDP has been for me. Call centers and office task works represent a large market for VDI anyways.

VMware’s Rapid Desktop Program is great for helping users pick out the right hardware for View but you still have to deal with View. View is great software but need to have the technical know how to operate it. I believe Nimdesk is lowering the technical expertise needed to run your VDI deployments. Pivot3 is going to have a hard time competing in lower than 1,000 desktop space once Nimdesk gets some their software out in the wild. Pivot3’s trump card may be the PCoIP capability but that might be short lived if Nimdesk supports RemoteFX. At the time of writing this article, Microsoft annouced support for RemoteFx for Windows 7 SP1


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