#EUC Tip 81: Pedal to the Metal

When the network turns its back on you, you turn your back on the network! Ok, this attitude won’t get you very far but this next tip can help you out when working with packet pushers.

The bandwidth floor variable is a PCoIP session variable to control how much traffic to send to the client without checking to see if any traffic is getting dropped. The virtual desktop will keep sending PCoIP packets as minimum and will not try to throttle you down past this point.

There is a great article, PCoIP: Unleash the Throughput at http://myvirtualcloud.net which goes into depth on the subject

If you are having bad performance with PCoIP, turn this value up. If the issue gets better the buffers on your switch are probably discarding packets or at the very least you need to vist the Network Checklist and get sorted with your networking team. Caution: This setting can end up flooding your network, use it carefully.

variable: pcoip.device_bandwitdh_floor

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