Nutanix Cluster Protects its Self using MapReduce: Curator

Yes, it’s started, fan boy posts on Nutanix. That’s why I wanted to join the company though, I genuinely believe in the product. The Nutanix Cluster very nature is built for massive parallel tasks aka Big Data, not to mention VDI and unpredictable Cloud environments. I want to let people know how Nutanix is able to scale while maintaining data integrity.

Please keep in mind I haven’t even official started yet so I just working with materiel in the public domain.

In large-scale storage systems,data maintenance is often centralized within a few controllers and it can easily become a system bottle neck. As more data is modified and deleted, garbage collection adds significant over head to the system. Also, data consistency checks start consuming more and more resources from the controllers as data sizes grow.

Nutanix has developed a distributed data maintenance framework called Curator for addressing these limitations. Curator is a MapReduce-based distributed service that enables Nutanix Complete Cluster to scale linearly.

It executes background data management operations in a massively parallel manner. Such operations include data-tiering, garbage collection, consistency checks and data redistribution in case of failures.

Pretty interesting to this kid.


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