#EUC Tip 79: SAML Sanity Check, help for dealing with SaaS Apps + Horizon Application Manager

Horizon Application Manager today gives you the ability to offer a portal to your end-users for SaaS(Software as a Service) applications like and your ThinApp packages. Horizon has some SaaS applications partially per-configured. Most of the time all you have to do is take your SAML certificate from Horizon and upload it your SaaS App and on the SaaS configure the identity providers. Despite this “easy process” errors can occur. Most error messages that occur aren’t very helpful at getting your problem solved.

To help troubleshoot this issue, you can use HTTPfox that is free with Firefox.

After you search and install the plugin it will show up as an extension. You can turn it on by hitting “Shift + F2” or going to the web developer menu in Firefox.

Right before you are going to click on your SaaS application press the play button. You will be able to find the string that is getting passed to your SaaS application for authentication.

Copy that string out of HTTPfox and go to

The resulting clear text will allow you and SaaS provider better track down your error.

UPDATE: @identigral posted SAML tracer as the tool to use for debugging with Firefox

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