#VDI Tip 78: Watch Out for USB Drivers

PCoIP errors

URBOIP :process_urb_sync_reset_pipe: Filtering pipe reset for device 0x2a01, pipe 0x813a1300 (ISO)

If you see the line above in your zero client logs you could have a USB driver issue. Windows does a great job for the most part at getting the drivers right but this can crop up time to time. If you can tie it back to the last device that user plugged into their zero client, you can install the driver into the base image.

PCoIP has a token system for USB(URBOIP). When a reset happens on the USB, a token is taken away, no more tokens no more USB. These resets can affect the audio/video for your zero clients so if you’re experiencing bad performance you can start to look here.

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