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Joining Forces with Nutanix

I am officially announcing that I will being joining Nutanix as a Sales Engineer for Western Canada. I’ve wrote blog posts on Nutanix before so I guess it’s not a totally shocker that I am joining them. I’ve followed Nutanix since 2011 when they won Best of VMworld 2011 but turned fan boy after watching the Tech Field Day video.

It was hard for me to remove my propeller hat and make a decision based on career path and family because i believe the supporting technology is that good. The excitement of a technology that has the chance to leave a legacy on the IT industry is a huge opportunity. After talking to some of Nutanix’s brightest executives I was sold on their roadmap and how they approach to people & business.

I am leaving behind a pretty stellar cast of people at my current place of work. I only have good things to say about my soon to be former employer. If fact upon handing my resignation , I was asked what they could do for me to make is easier for me! Lots of people to learn from there. (My current employer doesn’t like being publicly mentioned). If you know where I work, I would encourage you to stalk the job board.

Why I think Nutanix is the best choice for Converged Infrastructure:

1) No SAN! – I’ve worked in lots of places where if the SAN administrator left the company, it would spell bad times. On the same note, lots of companies don’t have the time nor people to properly maintain a SAN. I believe eliminating the SAN gives you the ability to be more like the large service providers. How many VM’s per admin are you at today? The Amazon’s of the world are running at the 10,000 to 1 ratio.

2) Scalability – Known amounts of compute, storage and networking. When you reach capacity you add another block. You can be guaranteed that it will scale to your needs. VDI, Cloud or Hadoop are all in the wheel house of this 2U appliance. A company can start a initiative without spending millions of dollars to find out the project doesn’t meet the business needs, or if the project was went really well and you need to add an extra 1000 desktops, no worries.

3) Density – Ever had to troubleshoot a traditional blade infrastructure? It’s not fun if a networking issue crops up, I can tell you that. The vast majority of IT people can support a 1U server, it’s a lot harder to find staff to support the blade world. No messing around with who is going to support the interconnects.

They’re lots of other reason why I think Nutanix is amazing but that’s not the purpose of this post. I just don’t want people thinking I am crazy for leaving a great job behind. Ok….maybe a little 🙂 I will still be active on my blog and on twitter. Might see a little more posts on Hadoop but I will still keep my eye on End User Computing.

I start my new role start on October 22, 2012. My email address will be dwayneATnutanixDOTcom. I am looking forward to meeting old and new friends on my journey. This is a very exciting time for me and the industry.

Posts I have written about Nutanix:

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#EUC Tip 80: VDI with Time Sharing, Spin Down VDI, Spin UP Cloud\Hadoop

Don’t let all of the those expensive CPU cycles go to waste. On the weekends and during off hours spin down your VDI environment and run some other workloads like vCloud Director or Hadoop(Project Serengeti). Code below is kinda simple but that’s what makes PowerShell awesome I guess. To schedule the code to run vist

WARNING: Before running code you find on the Internet, test, test, test

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#EUC Tip 79: SAML Sanity Check, help for dealing with SaaS Apps + Horizon Application Manager

Horizon Application Manager today gives you the ability to offer a portal to your end-users for SaaS(Software as a Service) applications like and your ThinApp packages. Horizon has some SaaS applications partially per-configured. Most of the time all you have to do is take your SAML certificate from Horizon and upload it your SaaS App and on the SaaS configure the identity providers. Despite this “easy process” errors can occur. Most error messages that occur aren’t very helpful at getting your problem solved.

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#VDI Tip 78: Watch Out for USB Drivers

PCoIP errors

URBOIP :process_urb_sync_reset_pipe: Filtering pipe reset for device 0x2a01, pipe 0x813a1300 (ISO)

If you see the line above in your zero client logs you could have a USB driver issue. Windows does a great job for the most part at getting the drivers right but this can crop up time to time. If you can tie it back to the last device that user plugged into their zero client, you can install the driver into the base image.

PCoIP has a token system for USB(URBOIP). When a reset happens on the USB, a token is taken away, no more tokens no more USB. These resets can affect the audio/video for your zero clients so if you’re experiencing bad performance you can start to look here.


#VDI Tip 77: Put the 2 Spare Connection Servers to work

Idle hands are the devil’s tool so don’t let those spare connection servers go to waste.

View Pod Design call for a Maximum of 5 working connections servers and you’re allowed 2 spares. The 2 spares must be disabled in the View Admin Console if you want support. While the connection servers are still disabled they still replicate information from the other 5 working connection servers. My advice is two use these two servers for any PowerShell\Reporting that you want to do for your environment.


Storage for Virtualization in Calgary – Sept 19

Come and learn from independent Storage Expert, Howard Marks. Howard has a wealth of experience and expertise in the storage and virtualization space. He has seen Mainframes to VMAX’s and has probably had both in his privately owned testing lab. Howard is regular speaker for Tech Target and a writer for Networking Computing. With over 25 years in the IT space you will walk away knowledge to better your customers or company. This event is free at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Calgary AB. Great food and even better conversation. Don’t miss this guy speak.

Details and registration:

Dinner Series Agenda

5:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Registration, Cocktails and Networking

5:30 PM – 6:15 PM

Dinner Presentation
by Howard Marks

6:15 PM – 7:00 PM

Sponsor Spotlights

7:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Dessert and Networking

7:30 PM – 8:15 PM

Deeper Dive Presentation
by Howard Marks

8:15 PM – 8:30 PM

Interactive Q&A

8:30 PM

Event Adjourns


The Future of VMware View: Large Scale View Architecture

While I attending VMworld I sat in the session, Demystifying Large Scale Enterprise View Architecture: Illustrated with Lighthouse Case Studies. The main reason I went was actually to finally meet John Dodge in person. After talking through twitter and Linkedin I wanted to put a face to the name. John was one of the presenters along with VMware View Product Manager, Lebin Cheng.

The reason for this blog post is to share some of the forward looking material and somethings I never really knew about or gave much thought too. If you like some of the items that are mentioned here, please use your VMware Pre-Sales Engineer to contact Lebin and show your support so these features see the light of day.
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VMware vDS 5.1 – Enhancements Chart

Quick Chart on new vDS features on 5.1

Logical Networks: vSphere Distributed Switch Enhancements

In-depth Overview: Mike Yallits’ Blog


Don’t Act a Fool: Use a View Appliance

At VMworld last week I had the pleasure to sit in EUC1494 – Plug and Scale “View Appliance”. This first half of the session the presenters talked about the Rapid Desktop Program and a in house VMware View Config Tool. The tool is for fast View installation from proof of concept to scalable production. The VMware View Config tool was code named Catalyst. Project Catalyst was also the same name used by VMware for a orchestration tool to create Multi-tenant VDI environment using VMware View and vCloud Director(also a great session). The VMware View Config tool had used the name first so I guess it wins! The View Config tool will add hardening practice guidelines and security integration in the future to it’s baseline installation. [Read more…]


VMware Certification – Register NOW. Save NOW. Test LATER

Had some trouble tracking these down while at VMworld so I thought I would post them. Good Luck if you decide to take advantage of them.


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* Must take exams before November 30, 2012