Xangati Launches StormTracker for IT Shops

Today Xangati unveiled StormTracker, In-memory detection sub-engine integrated into their current analytical Xangati Management Dashboard (XMD). For me this is missing link to compete with vC Ops for View. I always thought XMD was a great product but it wasn’t idiot proof. I had the feeling with XMD you had to be fairly smart to understand all the metrics and the impacts on your environments and come up with your own resolution. XMD always had the ability to record events and replay them back so you could catch related impact areas, but this might be a little much of a ask for a help desk staffer. I think StormTracker has fixed this gap and it’s in-memory detection system should lead to quicker analysis for your helpdesk team.

The reason why we all watch the weather channel is:

• We are Weekend Warriors – Everyone cares what is going around that could affect their daily routines. We want some type of plan that we can follow that won’t get us rained out when we are planning a party. StormTracker offers insight into performance issues that could be the result of capacity issues. You don’t want to be stuck in the office fixing things when you could be enjoying your weekend.

• We don’t have a degree Meteorology – Does air pollution meteorology, global climate modeling, hydrometeorology, and numerical analysis sound like fun terms? Nope! Making sense of weather patterns, history of past events, correlating and coming up with something meaning full is hard work. StromTracker has the ability to generate remediation recommendations for specific storm and trending analysis on storm frequency and severity.

Dark clouds highlight storms
Your able to see storms comprehensively across all vCenters

The pricing is totally the opposite compared to the vC Ops for View list price. So it should be interesting to see how VMware responds, if they do. My only beef with StormTracker is the GUI. Not saying I could do better but the circles look something out of first year geometry class (I have to beat these guys up a bit).

Check out the Press Release over at their website and Pictures of new management features.

More Independent thoughts on the new software

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