My Top 5 Sessions I Want to See at BriForum 2012

While at BriForum 2012 in Chicago the Top 5 sessions I want to see are:

1) How SAML, OAUTH, and Other Identity Federation Solutions Work in a Windows Enterprise, and Why Windows Apps Can’t be More Like Web Apps

I am doing lots with Horizon Application Manager so hopefully this will help further my understanding of SAML.

2)The Essential VDI Design Guide
The presenter, Dan Brinkmann is a straight shooter and tells it like it is. Look forward to hearing his advice.

3) VDI is Less Secure Than Physical Desktops: The Reality That Nobody Wants to Talk About
This should be a blood bath. My opinion is on the other side of the fence so it will be great to hear the presenters side of the story.

4) 10 Ways My Users Said, “FUIT”
Should be funny but yet have some good value. I think the saying “Funny because it’s true” will get applied a lot.

5)10 Things in AD That Can Hurt Your Application and Desktop Virtualization Efforts (And How to Fix Them)
It’s always the things you can’t control that bite you in the _ _ _. I hope I can get a couple steps ahead with this session.

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