50 VMware Tips Covering Whole Depth of End User Confusion at BriForum

The title is right! End User Confusion, it what happens when you make a mistake and then another and then another. Your end users get pretty confused. I am speaking at BriForum again my sessions is 50 VMware Tips Covering Whole Depth of End User Confusion. I Will cover VMware View tips over 6 main topic areas: Storage, Deployment, Operational Tips, Application, Network Optimization and User Persona. I will deliver a balanced count of tips and tricks over all the topic areas. I am hoping that it will be somewhat funny but I would keep your expectations low so I can beat them!

I like BriForum because off all the independent, expert speakers that you can go and talk to during and after their sessions. It’s a great feeling knowing you can get help and someone won’t be calling you in a week to sell you something. If desktop virtualization, VDI, Application Virtualization is in your wheel house, come check out my session and all the other great content waiting at BriForum 2012.

Since I want to deliver some new content not on my blog, it could be spare for VDI Tips for awhile. Come see it first at BriForum.

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