VMware’s Wanova Acquisition: What I Want to See

The Wanova deal has been a couple of weeks old now and has allowed myself to give it some thought. I am not excepting much too happen since the RTO deal took about two years for anything to come to light. Wanova provides a cloud-based, centralized and endpoint management recovery solution using a form of layering technology. Wanova flagship product, Mirage will give VMware a boost in the arm with :

User-installed applications

Speeding up DaaS (Desktop as a Service) enrollment\On-boarding

A Reshake up of VMware View’s Local Mode

Centralized Image management

The biggest impact I see is actually to the benefit of large service providers and organizations. Centralized image management is huge pain in the backside with VMware View. Even if you’ve been a total rock star with application virtualization, you will still have a few images that had to get created for some application that wouldn’t work out. If you didn’t buy a 3rd party product to deal with this, you then ended up in the same boat of the physical desktop world. To make this problem even worse is when you scaled past your first user pod of 2,000 users. Multiple vCenters are needed to scale past 2,000 desktops if you’re following best practices. This issue is now you have golden images spread out all of over the place. Multiple golden images means no golden images at all. Hopefully Wanova can deliver on the nirvana of one golden image.

The second good thing for service providers doing DaaS is new catalog directed towards VDI and vCloud Director. If VMware and Wanova acquisition can pull this off together it will put a struggle hold on what service providers are willing to service up to their clients. The automation and standardization that his could drive will be interesting to see.

What do you want to see out of the Wanova acquisition? Please leave a comment.


The Mirage Architecture - Wanova

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