Difference between View Client VS a Zero Client with USB

There is very important difference between the View Client and the Zero Client when it comes to handleing USB.

View Client – VMware handles the USB and sends it over port TCP 32111

Zero client – Uses the VMware USB hub driver, but PCoIP software also invovled to communicate to the USB controller in the zero client. In this case the USB goes over port 4172.

Why does this matter?

Since the software client is using TCP versus the Zero client which is using UDP, sound quality can be better with the software client if you haven’t followed the Network Check List for PCoIP. Most network switches will default to giving priority to TCP traffic first. If you have congestion on your network, you will have better sound quality with software client.

If you can use a headset with stereo in and out jacks will your best bet for sound. The audio is in a separate channel in the PCoIP stream but is compressed and decompressed by the protocol.

Learn it, Love it.


  1. Yea I agree with you. Finding a sterio jack headset is another challenge.

    Because of the compression / Decompression of PCoIP the audio takes a knock in quality. This is something that vmware will have to look at when we ant to start offering Unified Messaging / MS Lync on VDI.

    Check my site at vmblog.co.za 🙂 perhaps we can link to eachother since we both VDI sites.

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