Silicon Routers and 10,000 VMware View Users – Whiptail

Whiptail launched “INVICTA” today and put on the big boy pants and lost the lizard and have a fresh new look. INVICTA is really a silicon router that allows there all SSD arrays now called ACCELA form a pool of storage, working as one unit. Today you can add up to 6 nodes with INVICTA, 72 TB of NAND flash, sustained bandwidth beyond 6 GB/s and a sustained IOPS beyond 600,000. Whiptail uses all standard MLC based flash so the price point is good and the SSD life span is really amazing. I have heard over 2 PB hitting an INVICTA setup and only have 2% wear on the drives.

For more information: Whiptail Press Release


  1. fletch00 says:

    Did they improve the admin UI?

    • dlessner says:

      The UI has been redone and they also have a plugin in for vCenter.I didn’t metion it before but they do provide VAAI support as well.

  2. There’s a video demonstration of our UI and performance benchmarks on our website:


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