#VDI Tip 70: Fixing the View Agent on Persistent Desktops without Recomposing

This is guest post from a co-worker, Brent Robin. Good find if you run into the problem.

1) Go to the vsphere vCenter where the vm is located and login to the VM via the console.

2) Login into the VM locally as administrator only.

3) Uninstall the View Agent. Reboot the VM.

4) Log back into the VM as the local Administrator and follow these directions as per this link >

5) Disable any TP Autoconnect services associated to Thinprint.

6) Disable the antivirus scanner if applicable.

7) Install the View Agent ver that is applicable and reboot the VM.

8) Check the View Administrator console to make sure the Status shows “Available”.

9) Have user log back into their VM to ensure its stable.

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