Storage Field Day #1 – Tech Field Day Event – YES & YES

I am lucky to have been invited back to another Tech Field Day Event, Storage Field Day #1. When I was trying to get time off work either by the way of holiday time or getting work to cover the days my boss asked me, what would the company get out of it? It was kind of a deer in the headlights question because of my love of technology. It was like if someone offered you an IPAD3, you response is yes right away. Storage being a very important part of overall IT infrastructure, I knew I wanted to go. Below is my official response.

This three day event will showcase the latest in storage architecture, provide answers for selecting the right storage based on business requirements and will have a chance to pick the brains of the top independent experts. Running storage from companies like EMC and NetApp is great but usually these industry juggernauts are not able adjust to change as quickly as their start-up brothers. Newer companies and start-ups can provide great insight into the future and direction of the storage market.

The Solid State Storage Symposium on the first day of the event will help address questions if we should use Solid-state storage as cache or a high end tier of storage for our current vendor in the data centre. It will also give insight into an emerging field that is littered with new companies all stating they‘re the best thing since sliced bread. Not all things are recreated equal and therefore many advantages and drawbacks need to be considered before implementation.

For myself, Day 2 and Day 3 of the event are seeing what can help me drive virtualization at our company and speed up deployment for our VDI environment. Users want a reliability system, they don’t care what company is running on the backend but they want the same performance day in and day out, if not faster. What techniques can we take away to help our own time to market with a solution or help reduce our risk footprint? I hope to be able to finds to augment our current environment without breaking the bank.

Storage Field day will also provide networking with industry experts/veterans that will give a chance to see what other people are doing in their perspective industries. See what they’re having success with and what to avoid. Whitepapers are great but seldom offer the one point that will make or break a solution.

This will be a great learning event. Check out the live stream at http://techfieldday.com/2012/sfd1/

Other People at the Event you should follow:

▪Howard Marks www.deepstorage.net http://twitter.com/DeepStorageNet
▪Fabio Rapposelli http://juku.it/en http://twitter.com/fabiorapposelli
▪Chris M Evans http://thestoragearchitect.com http://twitter.com/chrismevans
▪Ray Lucchesi http://www.RayOnStorage.com http://twitter.com/RayLucchesi
▪Scott D. Lowe Techrepublic, virtualizationadmin.com http://twitter.com/Otherscottlowe
▪Hans De Leenheer http://hansdeleenheer.blogspot.com http://twitter.com/HansDeLeenheer
▪Derek Schaulandtechhelp.cybercreations.net http://twitter.com/webjunkie
▪Robin Harris http://storagemojo.com/ http://twitter.com/StorageMojo
▪Nigel Poulton http://infosmackpodcasts.com http://twitter.com/nigelpoulton
▪Robert Novak http://rsts11.wordpress.com http://twitter.com/gallifreyan
▪Matt Vogt http://blog.mattvogt.net http://twitter.com/mattvogt
▪Arjan Timmerman http://www.vdicloud.nl http://twitter.com/Arjantim


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