#VDI Tip 67: Run the PCoIP Managment Console on vSphere Without Converting

Teradici offers a great little appliance to manage all of your PCoIP devices. It doesn’t matter if your Zero Clients are from Wyse, Samsung or some company you never heard of before. If the device is a Zero Client, the Teradici Management Console has you covered.

You should be running your Teradici Management Console(MC) in your management cluster. When you download the MC from Teradici it’s meant to be ran on VMware Player or Workstation so the instructions tell you to use VMware Converter but this is a waste of time.

1. Open the VMX file with NotePad
2. Delete the first line of code “.encoding = “windows-1252”
3. Save the file
4. Copy the VMX and VMDK to the proper datastore
5. Right click on the VMX file and add to the inventory
6. Upgrade the VM to version 8
7. Remove the Network Card
8. Add a New Network Card, I used the Flexible adapter
9. Power on the VM
10. It will tell you to reboot again
11. Done

If you’re going to have less than 2,000 Zero clients in your environment use a DNS service record to configure your devices. If you’re going to have more than 2,000 Zero clients you can configure your devices via DHCP. The DHCP option was available when the 3.5 Zero client firmware was launched.

Note: Teradici is only supporting 2,000 devices per MC.


  1. Thanks for the quick tip. Much faster than using the converter.

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