The Gem of VMware View 5.0.1 – Persistent Desktops Get Some Help

If you have to run persistent desktops and your user base is transient or not needing access to their desktops all the time, 5.0.1 was a good release for you. You now have option to let them start where there they left off and potentially squeeze some more users onto your infrastructure. Below is taken from the release notes for View 5.0.1.

Previously, you could configure dedicated View desktops to be suspended if users had logged out but not if they had disconnected without logging out. This issue has been resolved so that you can now configure dedicated View desktops to be suspended when users disconnect. This functionality helps to conserve resources. To enable “Suspend on disconnect”:

Open ADSI Edit.
In the console tree, click ADSI Edit.
From the Action menu, select “Connect to.”
In the “Select or type a domain or server ” field, specify the server name as localhost:389.
Under “Connection point,” click “Select or type a distinguished name or naming context “, and then specify the distinguished name as DC=vdi,DC=vmware,DC=int and click OK.
The ADAM ADSI Edit main window appears.
Expand the ADAM ADSI tree, and expand OU=Properties.
Select OU=Global and select CN=Common in the right pane.
Select Action > Properties, and under the pae-NameValuePair attribute, add new entry suspendOnDisconnect=1.
Restart View Connection Server.

NOTE: Beware of your storage footprint with VMSS file. VDI Host Memory will equal the same size of VMSS file.

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