Book Giveaway: View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Thanks for coming to my End User Computing Blog. I appericate the support and any feed back you can give. To say thank you to the community, I will be giving away the new VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions by Jason Langone & Andre Leibovici. The winner will get the Print + eBook bundle.

Just a leave a comment related to VDI. Could be that your looking at implementing VDI , you love it, how you use it, anything! I’ll take the names and put them into a hat and let one of my daugthers pick it out of a hat(very scientific). The contest is open to the UK, US, Europe and selected countries in Asia(due to shipping) and will close once the book is GA.

    This book is a complete guide to planning and designing a solution based on VMware View 5
    Secure your Visual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) by having firewalls, antivirus, virtual enclaves, USB redirection and filtering and smart card authentication
    Analyze the strategies and techniques used to migrate a user population from a physical desktop environment to a virtual desktop solution
    A learn-by-example based approach that focuses on key concepts to provide the foundation to solve real world problems


  1. Gabrie van Zanten says:

    Looking forward to your book. Hope it can. Help me design better View implementations for my customers

  2. Adam Robinson says:

    I am a VCP4 and VCP5 yet have almost no experience with VDI. My shop strictly utilizes the more “server centric” vSphere appliances but we are small enough that deploying a VDI solution could save us time and energy.

    That book sounds like an amazing tool for just this!

  3. 2011 _IS_ going to be the year of the desktop at my workplace. A small test, and the other system engineers love it just to get a corporate XP SOE, while they have their own custom built win7/Mac desktops.

    Since then, VDI comes up as the answer for a questions.

  4. Jon Hokanson says:

    Looking forward to deployIng a couple of test View environments after getting through this book!


  5. We’re actively exploring the best ways to bring VDI to the small business without sacrificing features or performance!

  6. I have Worked on small VDI implementations but am keen to learn more. Thanks for the blog

  7. I work for a company that has been a Citrix shop from day one. We are finally our first VDI project for 800 seats, and it’s not even in out own country. We will be deploying this in the UK all the way from here in sunny South Africa.

    I’m sure this will be a great book.

  8. Christian Nilsson says:

    This book is needed, too many installs the view manager and than get 10-20 desktops up and it looks good….then they start to scale up the numbers….oops did that impact my infra?!

  9. We are piloting a View 5 POC right now for a small scale deployment of about 120 users. We are hoping this will grow organization wide. This book would be great to help me learn more about the View architecture and functionality ( I’m more involved on the storage end, than on the VMware side of this project). Thanks for the opportunity to win this!!

  10. Sven Huisman says:

    I’ve been working on a couple of VMware View projects lately and I have been waiting for such a book to be released. It might be useful to see what I am doing right and what can be improved.

  11. Giving back to the community – a great idea. At the moment great virtualisation books seems to be coming out every week but the time to read (and more importantly learn) them isn’t increasing at the same rate unfortunately!

    We’re just starting down the VDI road, interestingly because as a company we don’t really want to support mobile working. We place a lot of focus on the work/life balance and believe that once you’ve left the office you shouldn’t be working. With the increasing consumerisation of IT however the lines are blurring and people want to work from home with their own devices – and that can benefit the work/life balance.

  12. Andrés García says:

    Hi! I am very interested in getting this book because i think the authors are great, also had deployed VMware
    View and i want to get more involved with this technology.

  13. Tim Washburn says:

    I would like to have a copy of this book. While I currently manage a View environment there is so much more I could learn and who better to learn it from than two View experts.

  14. Looking forward to the book,

    I think the post PC era is here and what better way to promote it than with VMware View.

  15. I’ve been trying to get a POC for view setup in our environment for a year now… It’s a tough battle to climb, but we will get there, this book would certainly help!

  16. Gurusimran Khalsa says:

    I’m just now getting my lab going and I’m excited to start playing with view. I’m planning on buying this book if I don’t win. Thanks Dwayne for the great blog, and for the contest.

  17. Looking forward to the book. We are a public cloud infrastructure provider that is exploring VDI as a solution for customer access to their cloud management.

    • Dwayne lessner says:

      if you follow my twitter feed you will see hat you have won the book. Please email Dwayne dot lessner at with you shipping address.

  18. On the Bigfoot Chasers TV show a couple of nights ago they had Bigfoots using VDI sessions via wireless tablets out in the woods. That proves end-users should have no problems with VDI back in civilization.

    Looking forward to the book.


  19. Bobby Fantastic says:

    They say 2012 is the year for VDI, this book can definitely help me prepare!

  20. Jason Morris says:

    Always enjoyed your blog Dwayne, great job and keep up the excellent work!

  21. Jon Harris says:

    I am a VCP4/5 and most of my VMWare expirence has been on the virtualization of servers. I am currently just started a new gig with the University of New Mexico and VDI will definetly on the radar. Been doibg a great deal of research into solutions. This book would be a awesome resource, hope I win it. 🙂

  22. Howard Chi says:

    I have been looking for a good reference on View5 as planing for POC, and came across your book. I look forward to purchasing and reading your book once it is released. Thanks.

  23. We have gone through the POC process and have ordered hardware and View Premier licensing for a small deployment. This will scale from about 50 users to possibly 1000 over the next year or two. Any and all resources, such as this book, are a welcome resource as we grow and scale the environment and our knowledge of the product.

    Thanks for your work and look forward to reading the book!

  24. Caleb R says:

    We are not able to use View for most of our users because they are on slow remote connections, however we are planning to use it as a Citrix Metaframe replacement for remote access.

  25. David Ho says:

    Looking forward to this book. I’m currently reading the VMware documentations and labbing, but I get the feeling I’m only seeing half the picture. Hopefully View 5 Desktop virtualization book will give me a complete picture.

  26. Kenneth Slish says:

    Finally a reference guide to solve real world issues with implementation issues with View other than the standard VMware documentation.

  27. Jeff Newman says:

    I am working for a well known premium TV network, doing VDI. In the middle of a View 4.6 to View 5 and ESXi 4.1 to ESXi 5 upgrade at multiple sites. Also trying to design a way to do active-active load balancing and DR across multiple View sites using multiple View pods. And the best part of that: 300 sessions are persistent and users need to reconnect to the same VM they were previously connected to… across sites.

    Looking forward to seeing the eBook.


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