Over a Year and 60 + VDI Tips Later

It has been over a year now of blogging on and it’s a been lot of fun. I just started off doing VDI tips on twitter but found I could provide more value through a blog. I am happy to contribute to a wonderful community as I have been on the receiving end many times. Below are my Top 5 since the blog has been up and running. The list is based on what I like, not on how many hits I have received.

The Best VMware View PowerShell Variable – Tell them to Reboot

#VDI Tip 52: Rat A Dat Dat, better Thin Dat (Picked because of the Title)

Get Your VMware View Health Check Sent To Your Inbox

No Desktops, Big Problems

#VDI Tip 58: Backup All Of Your Components At The Same Time


  1. I’ve enjoyed your tips, Dwayne, looking forward to 60+ more. 🙂

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