PowerShell Integration with VMware View – The hidden document

It’s times like this I am very happy to be on twitter. Today Matt Lesak posted a link to the PowerShell Integration with VMware View 5.0 document. He mentioned it was updated but I never remember even seeing it before so I happy to see this bad boy. The only document I can recall is the VMware View Integration document and PowerShell was only a small chapter in it.

The VMware View Integration has information on:

Integrating the Event Database
Customizing the LDAP
Intergrating with SCOM
PcoIP Session Statistics/WMI

PowerShell Integration with VMware View 5
is 20 pages of goodness including some great sample scripts on:

Add or Remove Datastores in Automatic Pools
Add or Remove Virtual Machines
Inventory Path Manipulation
Poll Pool Usage

The rest of the VMware View 5.0 documents can be found at:

Enjoy the Midnight reading!

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