#VDI Tip 63: House Cleaning Prior to Building your ThinApp Packages

With the On-premise Horizon Application Manager about to be released, ThinApp will continue to play a huge part in your application management. Below are some quick wins before hitting the build button.

    Stop any services that are running from the installation – Makes sure you don’t have any files locked.
    Remove the Font folder if not needed
    Remove any extra language support. Prime example is the vSphere client.
    ExcludePattern – In the package.ini file you should notice a ExcludePattern. List any file types that you know are not needed. This helps reduce files in hidden folders that you might miss.
    Make sure you reboot the capture machine at least once and take a VM snapshot prior too the final capture.
    Make sure you didn’t package the application on a View Desktop – the View agent is any bad thing for the capture process.

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