#VDI Tip 59: Speed Up Provisioning of Linked Clones

The below picture was taken from View Best Practices White Paper but what does it all mean?

pae-SVICreationRampFactor and pae-VCAIIRefitRampFactory are used to set the rates for provisioning with the VMware View composer database. I suspect VMware set it low to acomdate users that install the software on old test equipment and wouldn’t be able to handle the load. You wouldn’t want to lose a proof of concept now would you?:-)

While pae-VCAIIRefitRampFactory still remains a mystery to me, I was able to track down some information on pae-SVICreationRampFactor.The maximum value for pae-SVICreationRampFactor is 50. If this value is set to be larger than 50, the value 50 will be used. Adjust this number cautiously and not ramp it up to high right out of the box. For my testing I left it at the recommend values. When I was composing 10 machines with the default values vs new values I saw a decrease of 2 minutes. If you look at the chart above it looks like 10 machines comes close to where the default settings had a spike. While 2 minutes with 10 machines is not that big of a savings, spinning up a DR would have lots of value with this setting. It’s also interesting that pae-SVICreationRampFactor also speeds up the deletion of machines.

If you’ve ever have had to do maintenance work on a weekend you will appreciate this setting. I will try to continue to dig for pae-VCAIIRefitRampFactory information but it seems to be an uphill battle.

For informatkion on how to backup and connect to the ADAM database click here.

You can change the settings by going here:

Thanks goes out to my TAM Shawn Bertin for helping me out late at night to find out this information.


  1. have you played around with the pae-VCAIIRefitRampFactory setting?


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