NetApp & McAfee Team up on Security. Great News for VDI.

NetApp and McAfee are teaming up to deliver enhanced security for Network Based Storage. The product was launched in January 2012 and VirusScan On Board for NetApp is a fully integrated solution. The only catch that I can find is you do need to be running ONTAP 8.1. ONTAP 8.1 is still only available as a release candidate as the time of writing this article.

The management of VirusScan On Board is done through the NetApp management console. I see this being a problem for most customers. Storage and Security usually sit miles apart in the organizationally flow chart. A shining light however is having your security scale alongside your storage. Set and forget is always good in my books.

The timing of finding this product information couldn’t have come at a better time. VMware just released a paper on Antivirus Practices for VMware View 5. In the VMware paper it talks about not scanning the user persona file shares and setting different polices for ThinApp applications. VirusScan On Board has the flexibility to set different on-access and on-demand policies. You would be able to set on-demand scans for the user persona information and set only inbound on-access scan for your ThinApp Repository.

For more information read the article from McAfee.

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