Going to Virtualization Field Day 2 – Silicon Valley

I am very excited and honoured to be a delegate for the next Tech Field Day. Virtualization Field Day 2 is running from February 22 – 24, 2012 in Silicon Valley. I’ve always thought that the Tech Field days have been great whether you were a delegate or watching the streaming content. While all my expenses are paid for getting to the event and during the event, I am under no obligation to blog about anything I see. Will I blog about the presenting sponsors? Most likely because I like technology and sharing what I know. I am sure the content will be great as past events.

Two of the presenters have already be mentioned on Twitter at @TechFieldDay . One of those presenters I have a fair bit of experience with their product. I hope that presnter will give us a road map on their up and coming releases. The other presenter I really don’t know much about at all, so it be interesting to see what they have to offer.

Once the official Presenter list is posted make sure you book some time off to watch it live via the live stream. You’re always welcome to ask questions or if you get tied up at work you can download the content later. The content is usally available about a week or two after the event. If you have something you want me to ask prior to going,let me know. I’ll do my best to get ask the question(s) on your behalf.

A specific vendor you want to see?, Nominate one here.
Want to become a delegate?, learn more here.


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