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#VDI Tip 57: Save your Outlook Signature with Non-Persistent Desktops

It may be hard to believe but not all the prices for an outlook signature are stored in the same place. Out of the box if your using ProfileUnity from Liquidware Labs you need to change or create a new Portability setting. I have chosen to add rules to the Office Potability Rule set.

Registry Rule: Replace Tree software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\windows messaging subsystem\profiles
Filesystem Rule: Replace Application Data Microsoft\Signatures


#VDI Tip 55: Make sure you have VVS running for View Persona Managment

Make sure the Volume Shadow Service (VSS) is running on your desktop image. It’s needed for Persona Managment to work with the VMware View Persona Managment software.

VMware View Persona Management Deployment Guide


#VDI Tip 56: Don’t capture the Java Cache in your Persona management via @LiquidwareLabs

Don’t include the java cache directory in your persona management IE C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache. This directory can grow large over time creating longer compression time as well as backup and restore latency; however the files in this directory are temporary in nature and are usually not needed from session to session. Even if your not saving them on log off the Persona Managment software will snag them before they are deleted. Thanks to Liquidware Labs for the tip.


VDI Provisioning State – Reference Chart

A co-worker had found a great chart of all the statuses that get displayed in the VMware View Admin Console. I thought I would share and mention to pass the chart to your help desk staff for better trouble shooting.